After much deliberation and after three years of organising I have decided to ‘call it a night’ with the Foley Street Improvised Music Concert Series. Primariliy this is so the energy expended on running a regular series like this can be utilised towards the organisation of more ad-hoc concerts (perhaps under a new ‘umbrella’) in other spaces. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who helped and participated during the series’ life, there has been some incredible music played and heard, new friends made and old ones reunited and although the majority of the series was organised by myself we never truly work alone and I couldnt have done it without those involved. Initally I didnt even imagine Foley Street lasting three years so for that I am extremely happy. The website will remain as an historical curiosity for any individual(s) who may be interested about the past in the future. We went far, we can go further.

Daniel Thompson (guitarist, Foley Street curator and concert organiser)






























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